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VideoBuzz: Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King | 50th Commemorative Remembrance | Atlanta

DryerBuzz — For the 50th Commemorative Remembrance of the day we lost Dr Martin Luther King, assassinated April 4, 1968, we captured a few moments from Atlanta. Included is an interview with Reverend CT Vivian, close friend and lieutenant of Dr King.  We asked what it was like to receive the news that one of their own, their leader, had fallen to an assassin’s bullet?

Many wonder how to handle April 4th?  How do we deal with and recognize such an anniversary? We talk about. We dialogue. We make sure it never happens again. We protect and continue to support those who lead. We keep it from becoming commercial. We appreciate those who step to the forefront — the front line.

We caught up to Reverend Vivian at the annual SCLC Women Drum Major for Justice Awards Dinner, April 4, 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel Atlanta.  While many were attending events in Memphis, Atlanta, as the birth home and resting place of Dr King, still held its own annual events. Dr Kings daughter was honored at the dinner.

Other sites around Atlanta were also prominent in the day of remembrance.

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