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Tyler and Taraji Spark a Great Debate Over Acrimony | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

Movie Buzz — Tyler Perry and Taraji P Henson are everywhere promoting Acrimony the movie.  They are on it like the Russians with the Facebook ads, live streaming, and of course hitting the press tour.

We caught their live stream with follow up on The View, where we heard yet again, how fast Tyler can roll out a film. Perry has taken a few hit about how fast his films hit the screen. The man writes a lot, produces a lot, everything Tyler Perry.  Some have even said stop. Slow down. Spend a bit more time on a project.

Not to compare him to anybody else, many have said how what he does, leaves a bit more to the stories to be desired. Give us a full story. Though Acrimony may have been shot in 8-10 days as he and Taraji said, how fast did he write? How much time did they have to cast it? Costuming? We’re already buzzing about the bad hair?

But still we got to make this a box office hit or lose our black cards right? Cookie got a new movie?  Anybody see the last one? But hey, we asked you to buzz it or bash it?  The conversation still going on Facebook — buzz it or bash it?

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