27 Answers Answer of the Day Yalanda P Lattimore 

Time to Say I Do | Answer of the Day for Creatives with DryerBuzz Yalanda P Lattimore

Answer of the Day — We don’t know a creative that’s not excited about this time of year — spring time! It’s time to say “I Do”. Now is the time of year where our annual vision boards come to life. Our new year resolutions go from wishing to willing to spoken to truths. The branding in place. Results from hard work over the winter are starting to show. Now is the time for us to confidently declare what it is that we do. We hear it all the time.…

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27 Answers Answer of the Day 

Admit it! You’re Inspired by Success | So why keep failing? | Answers of the Day by DryerBuzz

Admit it! You’re Inspired by Success | So why keep failing? Answer of the Day Follow @DryerBuzz as we answer daily #qotd with #27Answers #answeroftheday #27Answers — Hindsight is 20/20 but those who use the foresight of others get it right the first time. I’m sure by now someone you admire has leaned in, stepped in, mentored, or just out right shown you how what you’re trying to accomplish is done. We too often discounting, overlooking, not understanding, not trusting the help and motivation which comes our way. Words are never…

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