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Know When to Walk Away | Answer of the Day for Creatives by DryerBuzz Yalanda Lattimore

Know When to Walk Away | Plus Live On Your Own Terms Like Michelle Obama | Answer of the Day What must we learn from our Forever Flotus Michelle Obama? Watch: https://youtu.be/0sShtHoG9KQ As Michelle Obama makes the rounds sharing intimate details on becoming and serving as America’s First Lady, we learn more about her terms. A strict negotiator, rightfully so, we learn her time in the wife house as wife, mother, daughter, and First Lady were on her terms. Negotiations are once again key to living life on our own…

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Michelle Obama Became Flotus On Her Own Terms | Family Self Care Platforms | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

 “I was a whole person before this,” Former First Lady Michelle Obama shared with the audience at Simmons Leadership Conference Women Who Buzz — Michelle Obama taught us so much. Think about it. We had a decade of watching, up close and personal, the evolution of our forever flotus.  From the campaign trail to serving with her husband President Barack Obama, who served two terms as an American president.  Their’s is now family goals of millions the world over. But as Mrs. Obama proclaimed at Simmons Leadership Conference, “I…

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