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How to Create Buzz | Answer of the Day Podcast for Creatives by DryerBuzz

Answer of the DayHow do I create buzz? That’s the one question we receive daily and all day from everyone.  Calls. Inboxes. Comments. Tweets. So over the years, we’ve taken everything we know and have learned from decades of closing the digital divide, to using social media for business, and blogging, and compiled in various forms to answer that very questions. How to create buzz?

When the desire to start a magazine first hit, the first resource we turned to was a book on buzz. We knew everything else, but mastering buzz would become the ticket to secure a place in what was then a booming magazine industry. However, thanks to the failing publishers economy and exploding internet — everything about publishing was changing.

Instead of creating that glossy salon magazine dream, we went right to digital with publishing via the internet.  Today we’re considered to be one of the pioneers of digital publishing.  How did we do it? How did we find our audience? We created buzz from the start. First with the name DryerBuzz. Then the platform.

We had to educate our consumer. We had to make what we were doing popular.  We had to show how becoming our reader created influence and maintained status. We had to create buzz. Soon we were know as the first stop to create buzz for our industry and topics we wrote about. We did it. You can too — with How to Create Buzz | Answer of the Day for Creatives Podcast

That success formula is yours for the buzzing. We outlined it in our first print publication, a book on buzz, called 27 Answers to Create Buzz.  We followed up with a succession of accompanying ebooks to address platform changes. We followed that up with industry meetups, consulting, and bootcamps.

Now add to that, the podcast, How to Create Buzz, Answer of the Day Podcast for Creatives.  These short talks are filled with answers where we get straight to the point with tips and best practices for creatives to follow and implement.

Listen and find resources, reviews, connections, opportunities, ideas. Listen anywhere and everywhere in any form.  Podcast lands on several platforms. Choose your favorite:

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