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First Trump Now Cosby | Friends Agree to Disagree as Timelines Get Heated | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

DryerBuzz — Another great debate leaps from Facebook to salons and barbershops. But those timelines though — can we agree to disagree. Can we be friends with such varying degrees of separation on the topic of Bill Cosby? Is this another Trump like situation.  Follow the buzz and conversation happening in comments from a few recent debates happening in our timeline when we left friends know where we stand — on the side of the guilty verdict.

In the first post, we shared these thoughts:

Ok so y’all need another day to process trauma of #BillCosby guilty verdict.

Posting and sharing most unattractive picture of Cosby’s victim is the same thing society does to young black men everyday to prove their lives unworthy.

This is why it’s often stated black people should try therapy.

So many classic signs and acting out aggression, disappointment, fear, trauma.

It’s ok if you built your life on basis of a tv show. True essence of the show’s main character was flawed. It’s ok. Nobody’s looking at you. You’re not a suspect. Probably not a rapist or rape victim.

It’s ok when situations like this affect you. But you act out in such a manner.

To give yourselves a standard white comparison, as is often needed for further processing, several white tv shows used to form white society have severely flawed characters too.

All those stay at home moms and blended families distraught over Brady Bunch and Seventh Heaven. They ain’t even asked you to join support group though. And they still won’t allow you to equally recognize your trauma.

Before you act out again, stop and consider further damage done by attacking victims. One in three women have those very same stories.

Wild thought. You are a peer to someone who might need you on a jury someday. Your social media just got you kicked off. Not to mention unfollowed. #weliveinpublic #DryerBuzz

DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

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