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Buzz it or Bash It? Tyler Perry’s Acrimony Is So Bad, You Got to See it to Believe it | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

DryerBuzz — Acrimony Movie was long enough, so let’s just be quick about it. The movie was so bad, you got to to see it to believe it.  There’s no way, a veteran movie maker with his own studio should produce such a bad movie.

The movie was so bad, you got to to see it to believe it. #DryerBuzz

When Tyler and Taraji appeared on The View and confirmed this was another rushed project of Tyler Perry Studios, we were like — oh hell naw! Not again. Our expectations went right in the tank. But wow, the movie went even lower.

Why? As always with Tyler Perry films, the trailer is everything.  By everything, we mean all the good parts — the better parts of the movie. Still, this man is not going to listen to anyone — what happened?

First and foremost, am I wrong to wonder why Taraji is even listed as the star? We spent so much time in flashback, we forgot Taraji was even in the movie. We spent our day after on IMDB trying to answer “Harpo who these people?” — why weren’t they in the trailer? It really was their movie. Clearly, Taraji just stopped by to film a few scenes.

Yes, it’s another Diary of a Mad Black Woman part umpteen. But the angry black woman is what sells.  We have no problem watching scenario again and again because we are mad — but the movie was bad. At least get it right. At least let us walk out of the theater with the world knowing full well why we are mad. Don’t just call us crazy. Let the world see and understand how they manipulate us day in and out. Make sure they understand how giving and forgiving we are with those we love.

The movie began and ended with me in a serious stay of Acrimony. 

The movie was so bad — you got to see it to believe it. Some of ya’ll say you want to wait. We are not about to beg you to go see a black movie. But you got to see it to believe it.

Sure Taraji P Henson and Tyler Perry will win more NAACP Image awards. Maybe not in this the year of Black Panther. Plus Acrimony the movie will do okay at the box office because we never ask for refunds — but the movie is so bad — you got to see it to believe it. Just left us know if you buzz it or bash it @DryerBuzz

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Tyler and Taraji on The View

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