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Living Atlanta Style — Mom always said “don’t follow the crowd” — lead them.  This is us leading you to 9th Ave Street Food, 638 Evans Street, Historic West End, Atlanta, Georgia.

They had me at Slaw Dog. You already know. @DryerBuzz

Never mind the fact, we had already eaten breakfast followed by a quick lunch meetup. All was forgotten when we discovered the delectables at 9th Ave Street Food.

We detoured through West End to get beyond Atlanta traffic. Since in the neighborhood, we decided to hunt for the food experience we’d been invited to try. We in turn stumbled into a work of art mixed with a heaven of food sensations which created an amazing outdoor dining experience.

They had me at Slaw Dog. You already know.  It was footlong with Asian slaw and fries. Decided to take Petty Betty Buzz a lunch plate of the Tuna Melt and fries.  Wishing we had grabbed some desert. Nice options. But they are directly across from Krispy Kreme. Come to think of it, they moved from one Krispy Kreme to another — from Ponce to Evans Street.

Glad 9th Ave Street Food in the West End. Will become our first stop before heading to Details Barbershop.

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